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At the moment, The Times Keeper is operating on a 'content will be published when it's ready' model. The goal is to publish 1 - 2 articles or podcasts per week.

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The more listeners a podcast has, the more sustainable it becomes. Apple podcasts is the most popular podcast listening platform, so the more ratings a podcast has on Apple podcasts, the more discoverable it becomes for other listeners. Can you take two minutes and rate and review The Times Keeper here on Apple Podcasts? This means that I can spend less time marketing and promoting the podcast, and more time making it.

Advertising on the podcast

I plan to start selling advertising on the podcast by January 2022. Podcast listeners are notoriously hard to reach through radio and television advertisements, so if you're a business or organizations looking to reach an audience of Nova Scotians that's tough reach in other places, let me know. I'll put get in touch once we've prepared some advertising packages.

Part of what I'm trying to learn between now and January is how to go about selling advertising, and in particular, how to make this opportunity compelling to local businesses, instead of just the usual podcast advertisers. If you'd like to help with that, please let me know.